SIP2SIP lets you communicate freely. We don’t record your calls for the purpose of enhancing the "customer experience" like other services do. SIP2SIP supports audio, video, presence, chat, file transfer and multi-party conferencing. Enjoy this free service, don’t abuse it, and you will be just fine.

Video Conferencing client

SIP Clients Available for many platforms

Your own SIP Client

There are thousands of SIP devices on the market, your can probably use them with To configure them with, please consult the device manual or support from device manufacturer.

Service Features

  • Globally reachable SIP address
  • WebRTC enabled via
  • Audio and Video (RTP, SRTP, ZRTP)
  • Presence (SIP SIMPLE)
  • Contacts Management (XCAP)
  • Chat and File transfer (MSRP)
  • Directory Services (LDAP)
  • Multi-party Conferencing
  • XMPP Gateway

From AG Projects

SIP2SIP is a service from AG Projects, an independent company with developers based around the world. We've made Open Source software since 2002 and it is actively used in thousands of deployments world-wide. You can find our Open Source software on Github

Runs on SIP THOR

The SIP2SIP service runs on the SIP Thor platform, SIP Thor is a Peer-to-Peer overlay of SIP infrastructure elements. Based on the active elements it can support a range of standards like SIP, XMPP and WebRTC.